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There is likely nothing that people value more than their freedom. When you are facing criminal charges, with the possibility of incarceration, that freedom is at risk. Experienced criminal defense counsel is absolutely crucial when you are facing potentially life changing criminal accusations.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

The Clawson and Staubes criminal defense team is led by criminal defense attorney Jenny Barwick. Jenny, who is located in our Greenville office, has experience as a former solicitor and criminal defense attorney in a wide variety of criminal defense matters. Our criminal defense attorneys handle the following types of criminal defense cases:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Traffic Violations
  • Drug Violations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault and Battery
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Burglary
  • Sex Crimes
  • Robbery
  • Child Abuse
  • Murder
  • Violent Crime

If you are being investigated for or charged with a criminal offense, you should contact one of our criminal defense attorneys immediately.


Early Representation is Crucial

Our criminal defense attorneys at Clawson and Staubes understand being investigated for or charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter, with potentially catastrophic consequences.  If you, a family member or a loved one is being investigated for or has been charged with a criminal offense, you need the representation of a skilled criminal attorney as early as possible in the process in order to protect your interests. Do not wait until you are charged or arrested. Speak with a competent attorney before you speak to anyone else.

The Constitution and laws of our country guarantee individuals suspected or accused of committing crimes certain rights.  Even when the prosecution has substantial evidence against you, a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can advise whether certain evidence can be suppressed due to a violation of your rights.  Further, an experienced attorney can also assist you in exploring options that may not result in a criminal record.


Our Approach to Criminal Defense

At Clawson and Staubes, we provide clients with the resources of a larger firm, while still devoting the attention and skill that you deserve.  We take pride in returning phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner and taking a proactive approach in your defense.  We have the ability to devote resources, research tools, staff, experience and attention to detail to your case.

Clawson and Staubes, is fully committed to taking a client-centered approach in zealously advocating for the rights of our criminal defense clients.  Our criminal defense attorneys will be there every step of the way in providing sound legal advice and hands-on representation. We have extensive criminal trial experience and we relish the opportunity to fight for your rights in front of a jury, if that is what is in the best interest of your case.

We are aware that the costs of representation are often an unexpected expense and that your need for legal representation is immediate.  Therefore, our firm offers reasonable rates with reasonable payment plans


Consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are in need of a South Carolina criminal defense attorney, our legal team at Clawson and Staubes is available to assist you. Contact us at (843)577-2026 to learn more about our services.

*  We are unable to take criminal cases originating out of the City of Liberty, South Carolina.

** We are unable to take criminal cases originating out of the greater Charleston area – including  Goose Creek, Summerville, and Mount Pleasant.


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